Staff Recommendations
May 2022


This page provides you with staff recommended books along with links to the card catalog so you may easily find the item or place it on hold. This page will be updated monthly. We hope you enjpy!


Catching Wind by Melanie Dobson (2017)

Two children flee Germany on foot in World War torn Europe. Brigette and Dieter make it to England, but are soon separated. Dieter, presently known as Daniel Knight, will spend the next 75 years searching for Brigette. Daniel hires Quenby Vaughn, an American journalist, to help find Brigette before it's too late. Quenby's not so sure she wants the job, but finds that finding Brigette is connected to a story she is working currently working on. That story involves a British run spy ring and treason. Catching the Wind demonstrates how the past can still reach into the present to effect our lives. The chapters alternate between Brigette's story in war time England and Quenby's in 2017. Dobson's story captivates readers as they become invested in finding out if Brigette survived the war.


The Last House on the Street

by Diane Chamberlain (2022)

This is the story of two women from North Carolina: Ellie in 1965 and Kayla in 2010. Kayla is a recent widow. Her husband died while working on their new home that they both designed. Kayla would rather sale the house then live there, but decides to stay even after a strange woman comes to her office trying to warn her away. Ellie is a young college student in 1965. She seems to have it all. Good friends and a boy from her hometown that is in love with her. So, why does she feel compelled to join SCOPE, a civil rights organization that is helping African American citizens register to vote. Her boyfriend Reid wonders why she would put her life and reputation on the line to do this kind of work! Her parents are against it, her friends are against it, but Ellie is determined!


The Turn of the Key

by Ruth Ware (2019)

Rowan is excited for an opportunity to leave Little Nippers in London and become a private nanny to a family in the Scottish highlands. Once she has secured the position at Heatherbury taking care of three young girls, Maddie, 8, Ellie, 5 and toddler Petra, Rowan's not to sure she made the right decision. Given a very short time to get to know her new charges, Rowan tries to muddle through her first few days as the parents take off for a week long conference. Something odd is happening at Heatherbury. The renovated manor house is controlled by the “Happy app”. Lights, locks, music, drapes, etc., but there are unexplained noises in the night, windows and doors that opened or locked without explanation. Rowan finds she can't sleep at night as she seems to be the target of these strange occurrences. The situation comes to a head when fourteen year old Rhiannon comes home from boarding school with knowledge that will alter Rowan's life. This book was engaging and kept the reader wondering what would spring up next! A nice creepy read! The narrator of the audio book, Imogen Church, was excellent!

The Maid

by Nita Prose (2022)

The Maid by Anita Prose was a fun read about twenty-five year old Molly the Maid. Molly sees and experiences the world differently and since her Gran died life has been very lonely. Gran raised Molly to believe in herself even though that is sometimes difficult when the world can be so hard to understand. Molly struggles to pick up on social cues and read people's expressions. She takes everything literally and can't understand why people don't just say what they mean. At the Grand Regency Hotel, Molly is an exceptional maid happily returning things to a “state of perfection”. She takes Mr. Snow's, the hotel manager, professional development advice very seriously as she strives to be a good worker bee in the “hive”. Therefore, it is quite a surprise when she is arrested for the murder of a prominent hotel guest! The Maid is Amelia Bedelia for adults with a lot of humor as Molly untangles herself from murder and mayhem!