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Welcome to your community library! The Springfield Township Library provides for your informational, educational and recreational needs in many ways. Combining traditional with state of the art electronic resources, the library staff is here to assist you in meeing your library needs. The library is open 61 hours a week including nights and Saturdays. The library is closed on Sundays. A librarian is always on duty and telephone service is available when the library is open.

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GSK Science 

 Classes at Springfield will be held Monday, July 20 through Thursday, July 23.  Classes will be longer and have been changed from four days to two.  Level I classes for children entering 2nd & 3rd grade will be held at 10:00 am - 12:00 Noon.  Level II classes for children entering 4th through 6th grades will be held from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm.  Our topic will be Chemistry.

Spring Session Youth Programs - April 27 to June 5
Visit our Youth Programs page for more information.

This Is A Sharp Medicine....But It Is A Physician For All Diseases!


     So spoke Sir Walter Raleigh as he stood facing the headsman's axe in 1618.  Ever wonder where our words, sayings, and quotes come from?  Are you living high on the hog?  Do you lead a dog's life?  Should you be of good heart for tomorrow will only be worse?

     These and many other quotes...sayings and aphorisms can be found at your library.  The library's reference collection is, dare we say, "chockablock" with sources for this information.  See The Sailor's Word Book for nautical sayings in our language....Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs....The Facts on File Dictionary of Foreign Words and Phrases....and Cassell's Dictionary of Slang to name but a few of the many sources in your library.

       Call 610-543-2113 or stop by to talk to a librarian about the wonderful world of word and saying sources!

Pick of the Week

Slang Dictionary

    Slang is the counter-language.  The language of the rebel, the outlaw, the despised, the marginal, the young.  Reviled and proscribed by pendants and purists, it is endlessly resilient, inventive and untameable.  Its age is that of speech itself.

    Cassell's Dictionary of Slang is the first brand-new attempt to codify the slang vocabulary since 1937.  The first dictionary in sixty years to go back to the early 16th century and make its way on from there.  It covers an unprecedentedly wide range of territory, looking at the slangs of a variety of English-speaking countries across the globe.

Available in the Reference Collection